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Aromatherapy Body Massage

Aromatherapy body massage is a form of massage that integrates the use of scented oils and extracts in the massage. Our signature aromatherapy fuses with acupressure therapy, which helps unwind body tension and refresh your mind with the high quality of Aromatic Essential Oil. Various aromatic Essential Oils of different characteristics are available upon your choices.

Oil Choices:
Restore: Rose, Sakura, Lavender
Relax: Lavender,Green Tea, Germanium
Renew: Apple, Grapefruit, Lemon & Kaffir Lime
Refresh: Peppermint, Rosemary, Eucalyptus

*Base Oil - Rice bran & Sunflower oils

Thai Herbal Massage

Experience the amazing fusion of aromatherapy with two warm Thai Herbal Balls gently pressed along your body meridians. The treatment helps relieving muscular aches and strain of your body, enhancing any swelling, and energizing tired muscle after strenuous activities. With essential relaxing properties from herbs, the steamed massage ball can stretch ligaments and reduce muscular soreness, bruises, and joint stiffness. The two herbal balls are completely new and you can bring it back home for few more uses after the treatment.

Aromatherapy Body Massage with Herbal Ball

This Treatment starts with an Aromatherapy Body Massage fused with a Thai Herbal Massage; two warm Herbal Balls of steamed Thai Herbs will be gently pressed along the body meridians, healing every tired part of your body. The fusion of the aromatherapy and herbal treatment give you the ever-greatest restoration on your body strength and energy.

Body Scrub

Give your body a deep-down cleansing by using the Body Scrub chosen which will invigorate and energize both body and soul. This Body Scrub will gently exfoliate to help remove dry, dead cells from your skin, which can cause roughness, dryness, and flaking. It also restores moisture, leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Scrub Choices:

Moke & Jasmine, Lemongrass & Ginger, Green Tea & Lavendar, Summer Fruity

Body Scrub and Aromatherapy Body Massage

Get your skin and body prepared for the greatest absorption from the Aromatic Essential Oil!

Body Wrap

Beautify & detoxify your skin with our all-natural mixture of herbs and minerals. Other than softening skins, such deeply relaxing treatment will help decrease stress, thereby lowering blood pressure. Seaweed body wrap reduces water weight of the body, detoxifies, tones and tightens the skin. You will be amazed at how soft and healthy your skin will feel and look after our body wraps!

.*The white mud that we use for the wrapping is of rich vitamins & minerals.

Thai Massage

The Thai massage focuses on circulation and pressure points, promoting internal health as well as muscular flexibility. This Treatment begins with the feet and gradually moves upwards towards the head. After the treatment, you will feel your stress reduced, the energy, flexibility and circulation improved etc. It won’t be a complete Thai experience without trying it!

Aromatic Foot Spa

Indulge your feet into our herbal foot soak. Let your dead skin scrubbed off with our pumice stone. Pamper your feet with our delicate moisturizer followed by the magic hand massage. This treatment provides a relaxing and uplifting experience, leaving your feet refreshed and renewed.



Aromatherapy Body Massage
1 hr - 900b     1.5 hrs - 1200b     2 hrs - 1500b
Aromatherapy Body Massage with Herbal Ball
1.5 hrs - 1700b     2 hrs - 2000b
Body Scrub and Aromatherapy Body Massage
1.5 hrs - 1500b     2 hrs - 1800b
Body Scrub     800b



Z Restore
(2 hrs. 30 mins.)
Baht 3,000 nett
  • Body Scrub (30mins)
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage (90mins)
  • Herbal Massage (30mins)
Z Recharge
(3 hrs 30mins.)
Baht 3,500 nett
  • Thai Massage (60mins)
  • Herbal Massage (30mins)
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage (90mins)
  • Acupuncture head & shoulder massage (30mins)
Z Refresh
(2 hrs. 50mins)
Baht 4,000 nett
  • Body Scrub (30mins)
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage (60mins)
  • Body Wrap (50mins)
  • Acupuncture head & shoulder massage (30 mins)
Z Supreme
(4 hrs. 30 mins.)
Baht 4,500 nett
  • Thai Massage (60mins)
  • Herbal Massage (30mins)
  • Body Scrub (30mins)
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage (60mins)
  • Tea breaking (10min)
  • Aromatic Foot Spa (50mins)
  • Acupuncture head & shoulder massage (30 mins)

The above prices do not include Tax & Service Charges (depending on the program)

The service charges already included the min tips for therapists

We accept CASH only